Magnetic Eyelashes

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Fake Eyelashes Extension – Stunning eyelashes in just seconds! No mess, No glue & No stress.

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When it comes to eyelashes, the bigger the better.  Make up is very important for everyone because first thing people notice is your face.  Our Fake Eyelashes Extension give you the important of feeling and looking incredible. 

 All celebrities where eyelashes to catch people attentions:

  1. It make you more attractive & presentable
  2. It can change your look
  3. It boosts beauty.

Presentable face is most preferred in your profession where meeting with people and going out.  Currently everyone wear make up and everybody want to impress their presentation. 

Gorgeous eyelashes will make your feel special! Be confident wherever you go!

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Beautiful eyelashes will give you fresh look and make your perfect in pictures. 

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Benefits of our Fake Eyelashes Extension:

1. Eyelashes will add volume to your natural eyelashes. 

2. The magnetic eyelashes will enhance your eyes and look.  

3. Your eyes will look bigger and will add a length to it. 

4. Easy to put on. 

5. Fake Eyelashes Extension will give you unique and pretty look. 

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Note: Due to high demand shipping time between 2-4 weeks.  Please be patients allow some to arrive.

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